Bollywood Top 5

Top 5 Bollywood singers and Songs

Bollywood is blessed with many beautiful and talented singers, DJ’s, and Producers. These Indian singers have entertained audiences around the globe for a lot of years. They are a mood setter .You name a situation and there will be a song available to enjoy. The best Bollywood DJ Remixes provide the atmosphere needed to get a party started and include most of the top listed singers listed below in our top 5. Let us take a look at the top 5 greatest Bollywood singers and their best songs till now. One knows this is a tough task, but lets give it a try.

Sonu Nigam: Sonu Nigam has gifted Bollywood with many beautiful songs. It is difficult to select the best one from the songs he has sung. Still if we have to zero down on one particular song ,it has to be ” Kal Ho na Ho” (the title track of the movie). This romantic solo song from the movie has been a hit amongst the youngster and each one trying to mimic him in the singing mannerism. Also he has covered many versions of that song and each time he has sung it he has enthralled the audience to the core.

Roop Kumar Rathod: Words fall short to describe this maestro. Roop Kumar Rathod has always amazed and entertained the audience when he has performed. His list of Bollywood hits is never ending. It is very difficult to pick up his best song. The reason being each song is different from the other. But to select the best one from the movie “Anwar”(Maulah mere Maulah). The song has been given a classical touch by this maestro. The magical wand of Roop Kumar made the song famous.

Mika: He is known as a party popper . The reason for that being he has many famous songs which are depicting partying scenes in the movie. Enter a pub and you will find Mika songs being played there. So the best song has to be a party song. The song “Subah hone na De’ from the movie Desi Boys is till now the best of Mika. Many will agree to this. No sooner the song falls on your ears than your feel start to move as per the beats

Kailash Kher: He has his style of his own. Even though the number of songs sung by him in Bollywood is less in number, most of them have been a hit. But his best song is not from Bollywood, but from his private album “Kailasa”. Yeah, you guessed it right .It is Teri Deewani. This song from this album is very intriguing. The deep voice of Kailash Kher just adds to the beauty of this piece.

Shaan: Another Bollywood singer who made his mark in the late 90’s with his albums. Shaan also has covered many famous Bollywood songs. But his best creation would be “Tahna Dil” from his private album. He entered the music industry with this song and everyone was enthralled by this young lad. You still can picturize the video of the song in your mind when you hear it.

Since most of the movie scripts include highs and lows – in the same way the songs too observe precisely what the scripts demands. For example, in a movie or even album songs, you could find presently there would be a enchanting music, an unfortunate music, along with an exotic song. A lot of the scripts of Hindi movies center around simple enjoy tales along with that’s the reason why songs related to that type forms a major slice of words producing therefore it may possibly be pretty high.